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Sommie's Kitchen

A Taste of Home.

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Meet the owner 

Sommie’s Kitchen is a catering business which provides authentic, high quality, affordable and delicious West African dishes and snacks.

It is the perfect fit for students, who are too busy, miss home or just don’t want to cook.
I specialise in catering small get-togethers and just providing meals for those who want it.

Hi, my name is Sharon. Close friends and family know me as Sommie, a nickname derived from my Nigerian name. I’m currently a second-year Economics student at the University of Birmingham. I come from a family where eating and cooking together is a means of bonding and expressing affection. Over the years friends and family have come to love my cooking and have encouraged me to pursue this as a business venture. I am so excited and ready to share this gift with the world.



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9093AEB9-3AD4-4467-8DBA-FBDF2663E8AA - s

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