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Trainerline UK

Your fast and reliable

urban footwear supplier.

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15% Off


Meet the owners 

Trainerline UK’s purpose is to make highly-sought after, exclusive footwear available for customers who may not have had access to them when they were initially released.

We aim to do this with fair prices while ensuring we provide a friendly, customer-oriented service.

Introducing the owners of Trainerline UK; Richard (top left), Kofi (top right) and Liz and Frankie (bottom left and right), who all study at Aston University.

Richard studies Economics while Kofi, Liz and Frankie all study Engineering. Kofi and Richard have both worked at JD in the past, where they gained knowledge and insight into the footwear market.

This stemmed their interest to start their own trainer reselling business.

Liz and Frankie have a Youtube channel with over 10,000 subscribers.

This has given them a level of influence which has helped grow Trainerline UK, as well as Liz's makeup business 'LizzieSlayss'.


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2) Your print name on your card must match your legal ID, for the merchant to authorise your discount. 

3) This discount can only be applied per person. 

4) This discount can be rejected if the merchant believes you are not an authorised holder of the black card. 

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15% Off

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